Self-Pub Special: Twisted

Gather ’round, kids, because it’s time for Self-Pub Special, where I review various self-published books found on Google Play Books. First up is Twisted, the first book in the Deathwinds trilogy.


Author: Holly Hook

Genres: Young Adult, Paranormal

Source: Bought on Google Play Books

When 16 year old Allie goes on the trip of her life–storm chasing–she gets more than she ever bargained for. A supernatural experience leaves her changed forever, and when she gets home, she learns that she now bears a horrible curse. Every time a thunderstorm arrives, she is forced to turn into a tornado. Unable to control her actions and unable to hold the transformations back, she must find a way to get rid of her new affliction before she ends up killing someone–and that could end up being her parents, her neighbors, or her best friend, Tommy.
Allie must return to the plains to find those who did this to her and to find a cure. She enters a world she never knew existed, where others share her curse. Unfortunately, it turns out Allie has some unique abilities of her own that others are willing to use for their own evil purposes, and soon she finds herself caught up in a struggle for the lives of hundreds. Allie’s quest to save herself is only the start of her adventure.

Characters: I personally found Allies, the main character, to not be very likable at first,

Writing: Very straightforward and simplistic, without much description. It was hard to get into the story. Few spelling/grammar mistakes.

Plot: The plot starts quickly, and





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